williamsweetieface asked: what are ur moxieface headcanons


ok so like

  • i like the idea of you two comforting each other a lot. like whenever either of you feels insecure about your body, you reassure each other that you’re beautiful.
  • i like to imagine murderface kisses your scars whenever you feel sad (if you have any?? i think you’ve mentioned them before?? if not, so sorry, love uwu’)
  • you two boop each other’s noses a lot bc you both have very boopable noses
  • you two play a lot of like mario kart/mario party-type games together & end up laughing your asses off at stuff that happens in-game 
  • time for an nsfw one? yeah it is. ok so he would never admit it to the guys but he likes going down on you & he likes to make sure he’s not hurting you or being too rough during sex (oops a two-fer-one)
  • he’s pissed in like a cute loving way that your flappy bird score is higher than his 
  • you sing to him to sleep & stroke his tumtum some nights
  • he really enjoys giving you piggy back rides ^-^


I just want to cuddle someone till things get inappropriate tbh.

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here are two versions of a repeating background i made. feel free to use either of them! 

*whispers murdertooth*

*gets things thrown at me*

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i’m proud of myself i’ve liked myself literally all day and i’m feeling great?? this is new


"Technicolor Jacket!"

I just felt like gifing Dean in the “Jacket” video